The Mont-Blanc Meetings - International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs | May 28, 2017


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The outcome of the 2015 International Forum of the SSE Entrepreneurs !

aamazit | 10 December, 2015

The 10 years of the Mont-Banc Meetings was celebrated during the 7th edition of the International Forum of the Sociale and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs which is settled on the 26, 27 and 28 November 2015 !

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Three days of exchange and sharing, 380 people present, 40 countries represented: the 2015 edition of the Mont Blanc Meetings, the International Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Entrepreneurs, closes its doors this Saturday, November 28 in Chamonix on the final declaration of participants.

The final declaration includes the main axis that were discussed and debated in plenary sessions and workshops:

“Financing of the cities and territories": this question was at the heart of numerous discussions because it appears increasingly essential to provide the SSE means adapted to its operation :

  • adapt the legislative norms to finance the needs of the SSE;
  • support different currencies such as local initiatives,
  • develop and promote the system of AMAP and SCIC (Collective Interest Cooperative Company) or propose a procurement policy adapted to the SSE.

According to Thierry Jeantet, President of the Mont Blanc Meetings, it is essential to “support public policies to create new dynamics between states, cities and institutions”.

“Transformation models of entrepreneurials”: the debates have concluded necessary to strengthen the SSE to promote better social integration that will pass through a virtuous use of new technologies and the internet (development of free and participatory internet).

Sharing economy needs new stakeholders to jump scale. To do this, many actors must appropriate the themes and work together more harmoniously: local authorities, universities, start-ups, private / public...

“SSE for social inclusion”: during the discussion it was argued that it must become more efficient, two major challenges ahead:

  • communicate to raise awareness and understanding by the general public.
  • think about governance structure of this model, especially in terms of parity.

Five ideas put forward during the Forum:

  • The holding of an International Conference on Financing SSE
  • Creation of a International law of the SSE
  • Creation of specific indicators that economy can measure its strength and relevance for development and human well-being
  • Creation of a territorial development center

The Forum was, also, an opportunity to renew the call in parallel to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, which encourages states to massively join the International Leading Group of the SSE.


In the meantime, see you in Paris at the COP21 at La Galerie, stand F44 with the cooperatives UP Group, Alternatives Economiques and Cabinet ESPERE!