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25 May, 2016 | Mélanie Luchtens
National Cooperative Consumers Federation (NCCF) India Place : India Launch of the project: 1965 Number of members : 144 Saleforce : 50 000 crores   The main objectives of the NCCF...
18 May, 2016 | Mélanie Luchtens
Algerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship Algeria Place : Algeria Launch of the project : 2013   The Algerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship(ACSE) was born in 2013, when 3 young Algerians...
11 May, 2016 | Mélanie Luchtens
The Film-makers Cooperative – The New American Cinema Group United States *Logo designed by filmmaker Stan VanDerBeek.   Place : New Yok, USA Project start date : 1962   Short...
4 May, 2016 | Mélanie Luchtens
Banco Palmas Brazil Palmas is an organization created in Conjunto Palmeiras, a favela of 30,000 inhabitants in the north of Brazil, which today has forty-six community banks, a microfinance...
28 April, 2016 | Mélanie Luchtens
Città dell’Altra Economia Italy   Place : Roma, Italy Launch of the project : 2007 Surface : 8 shops on 3,500 m² Investment : 5,000,000 €   In brief The Mayor of Rome wishes...
25 April, 2016 | Mélanie Luchtens
OnTuesday April 19th, The Mont-Blanc Meetings have met the Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF), represented by Mr. Kyong Yong Song, co-chair and Ms. Laurence Kwark, Secretary General. Stating...

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