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Newsletter of the Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM)


International Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs


The voice of the international social and solidarity economy


#10 January-March 2015


[ EDITORIAL ] by Thierry Jeantet, President of the MBM 


Dear entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, of the social and solidarity economy,

Businesses and organizations of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) that you have created or that you develop on your territories are in fact a formidable network of sustainable activities worldwide. The International Forum of the SSE Entrepreneurs – The Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM) is more than ever "your" platforms of meetings, knowledge sharing, build of concrete projects (through the Project Place). November 2015 will be a critical point at which you should already be prepared! Now giving your ideas with your achievements (Workbook Initiatives), challenging those who, beyond the borders, you want to interact and build.

  Many local and continental events will take place before, at the initiative of the Forum or in partnership with other global movements, international institutions. The International Leading Group of the SSE will also continue to be structured, including widening it with more States and also plans to meet during this new year. New alliances are to be formed with a plurality of political, social, trade union. New trade and partnerships are formed with actors of economies of “sharing”, “collaborative” or “circular”, which in part are actually young shoots of the SSE. This is only the beginning of a process to strengthen.

The change of course of globalization desired during our last Forum in 2013 is emerging gradually. We must go much further! Therefore promote the birth of new modes of social, civic, ecological growths and not just an economic one.
This mostly depends on you and you all! And more generally of women and men, especially younger people, who are willing to organize democracy and solidarity and develop cooperatives, mutual societies, associations, foundations, participatory and social enterprises open source systems ... we must act collectively to boost the development of the SSE: from local to global. For example by calling for an international platform for financing SSE.

Thus, I wish that 2015 will be the year of a social and solidarity economy that is innovative, scalable, open as much as determined to take its place from one end of the planet to the other : Thanks to you!


[ LIFE OF THE ASSOCIATION ]                                                        [ NEWS IN BRIEF ]
Looking back at 2014

Call for abstracts for the 5th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy 


•       Organization of a side-event at the UN Headquarters in New-York for the 8th session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals 

 •       1st meeting of the Leading Group on SSE in parallel of the UN General Assembly in New-York (September 2014)

 •       Internationalization of the Month of the Social and Solidarity Economy

 •       Several partnerships (CIRIEC, ESMED, Pefondes, FMDV…)

 •       Participation to global events on SSE on various continents : Mexico, Italy, Belgium, Morocco, Quebec, Argentina, Ecuador, South Korea…

 •       Contribution to the Position Papers of the UN inter-agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy and to its activities

 •       4 new members in the association:

APROFEM (Mali) aims at the promotion of Women and Children in Mali.

Actors for a Solidarity Economy (Togo) promotes and develops social and solidarity economy in Togo, namely among youth.

FITAFAM (Magadascar) strives to reduce poverty in the area of Melaky.

AGUIVIF (Guinea) works to promote SMEs, created and/or managed by youth, allowing them to develop their structure at the national and international level.



Towards the 7° edition of the International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs

In 2015, the Association of The Mont-Blanc Meetings will celebrate its 10th anniversary and the 7th edition of the International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Enrepeneurs, to be held in November 2015.

The International Leading Group of the SSE will also continue its development, allowing ever increasing recognition of the SSE in international agendas.

Nourished by the 4th edition of the Initiatives Report forthcoming, the MBM Project Place will be more structured and form a true sharing tool for cross-border co-construction, cross-sectoral and transfamily ESS.  





The 5° CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy will take place from 15-18 July 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on the future of public enterprises.

The conference encourages interdisciplinary dialogue, exchange and collaboration in order to enhance the contributions and applications of scientific inquiry for understanding and improving the life conditions and experiences of the less favored people. We invite the scientific community to submit abstracts, no longer than 300 words, to this Conference. Submissions aimed at the specific themes (the questions are nothing more than suggestions) will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Submissions that not fit the specific themes but are covered by the general title of the conference are welcome at a special group coordinated by Manuel Belo Moreira, Rafael Chaves and Jorge de Sá.

 Deadline for submission : 31 January 2015


Creation of the Moroccan collective for the development and solidarity economy 

In Morocco, the social entrepreneurship sector and the social economy is a real reservoir of opportunities and contributing to the fight against precariousness and social exclusion, but also to create jobs and generation of wealth, both tangible and intangible, said the Minister of Handicrafts, the social economy, Fatema Merouane during the "Social talk 2014", an event organized by the Institute Oléa Institute for development and solidarity entrepreneurship.

Under the theme "Social entrepreneurship, a new path for development", the event, attended by a hundred players in the world of social entrepreneurship, was crowned by the announcement of the creation of the Moroccan Collective for development and solidarity entrepreneurship. 

Source : REMESS





Re-establishment of the Social Economy Intergroup


The Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament has officially confirmed the re-establishment of the Social Economy Intergroup. This important decision has been taken thanks to the support of more than 80 MEPs from 6 different political groups.

MEP Jens Nilsson (S&D, SE, and initiator of the Intergroup) declared: “I am very happy that we managed to make this happen. Now I look forward to continuing the dialogue with the sector, MEPs from different political groups and Member States in the new Social Economy Intergroup”. Referring to the broad support for the Social Economy Intergroup he added: “There is wide support in the European Parliament from members who feel that the social economy is truly important for strengthening the European economy and democracy”.

Social Economy is a very important reality in the EU, representing 2 million enterprises and providing paid employment to over 14.5 million Europeans, representing about 6.5% of the working population in the EU. But over and beyond its quantitative importance, Social Economy has proven its ability to make an effective contribution to solve the new social and environmental problems and its position as a necessary sector for sustainable economic growth, fairer income and wealth distribution and strengthening economic democracy in the European Union. In this current context of economic and social crisis, the main families of social economy (cooperatives, foundations, mutual societies and associations) have an important potential for growth and jobs creation in the EU. The new Social Economy Intergroup will be an excellent tool for dialogue between Social Economy organisations and European Institutions (Parliament, Commission and Council) to promote the role of Social Economy in the European Union.

Source : Social Economy Europe





Boris Marcel, co-founder of Europe Tomorrow

1-      Can you present your project? 

We are three young people Malo, Florian and Boris, and our goal is to identify the best social and environmental innovations in 12 sectors (Habitat, Mobility Energies, or consumption) across Europe to re-enchant "the old continent" and give it a new life. Once identified, we will promote their work to duplication and a change of scale to impact the sector positively.

We believe that this continent is an extraordinary laboratory to invent new models and we want to embody this change. Thus, we will travel across Europe for over a year, test innovations that we will discover, involve as many young people through our networks, and influence decision makers to transform policies. We also want to give a prospective vision desirable to reclaim long time in the making, and thus promote sustainable and deeper reforms.

2- Can you name some initiatives you intend to meet during your tour of Europe? Why these?

Permaculture, Eco space, Fab Lab, Transition tows, Direct Democracy, Responsible Finance, etc, there are so many initiatives! What we seek is identify those that are the most exemplary and which will inspire the change of society we need. They can evolve in very different fields, both within the civil society, including the social economy or in the public policy field.
To ensure the relevance of these, we have established a list of criteria that we measure: economic, social and environmental potential; activation of communities, young people's ownership, open source aspect, influence legislation or stakeholder involvement.

3- At what stage of the project are you now?

We are still in the fundraising phase with to cover the costs related to our trip. We are also always looking for partners who wish to be involved in the promotion of positive initiatives in Europe, or the activation of a community of young people ready to re-enchant our beautiful continent. 



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If you are an entrepreneur of the social and solidarity economy,  then you have at least 5 good reasons to join the Mont-Blanc Meetings :

- Benefit from our network of SSE enterprises and partners all over the world
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- Promote your projects and initiatives via our website and take advantage of the visibility offered by our activities on the world stage
- Use our collaborative working tools (online social network and private web conferencing)
- Take part in the association’s activities

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16 January 2015 :

Local authorities, SSE and Europe (RTES), Paris, France 


16-17 January 2015 :

Forum of Ethical and Solidarity Finances, Porto, Portugal


10 February 2015 :

Strength and limits of indicators or measures of impact (Confrontations Europe and Caisse des Dépôts), Paris, France 


25 February 2015 :

5th International Research Conference on Social Eonomy (CIRIEC), Lisbon, Portugal




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